The City of Casper will keep plowing during these windy days. Here is the official announcement...
Casper, WY – The Casper Streets Division is continuing its response to drifting snow. High winds have been reported throughout Natrona County, and certain portions of the city, especially the southern and western neighborhoods, have received a disproportionate amount of snow. These factors have combined to cause localized snow drifts that are blocking certain streets.

Plow trucks, graders, loaders, industrial snowblowers, and other heavy equipment have been dispatched to address the snow in these locations. The primary goal is to open up travel lanes on streets, with particular emphasis on the major streets. Streets are being prioritized on a basis of whether or not they are impassable.

Citizens are asked to not call emergency dispatch to report snow or snow drifting unless the snow is causing an immediate life safety issue.

Weather forecasts call for severe winds to continue throughout Saturday and into Saturday night, with constant winds of 30 miles per hour in some areas and occasional gusting of 60 miles per hour or more. Winds are expected to be more subdued on Sunday with typical windspeeds at 15 miles per hour and moderate gusting of 30 miles per hour.

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