Of all the things you might expect to happen while eating pizza, finding a pearl definitely isn’t one of them. But that’s exactly what happened to a South Carolina woman while enjoying a snack last Friday.

Pamela Levi was noshing on an oysters Rockefeller pizza at Goatfeathers restaurant when she bit down on something hard. At first, Levi thought she’d shattered one of her teeth. “I thought, ‘I’m suing!’” she laughed. “I thought I had broken a tooth!”

But then, she fished the offending object out of her mouth and realized it was fully-formed pearl. It was a rare fine to be sure, with odds somewhere in the tens of thousands to one.

Unfortunately, however, Levi probably won’t be able to cash in on her find. Restaurant oysters generally don’t produce high-quality gems. Still, Levi has a heckuva story to tell. And she’ll probably be checking her pizza slices for treasure from now on.