Most of us are aware that housing costs vary based on location.

What you can get for $500,000 in New York City is vastly different than what that amount can get you in Laramie, Wyoming.

Even right here within our state, the housing prices are incredibly varied based on location.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is especially known for it's high cost of living. And it's fair to say that some people would say that the housing costs in Jackson are outlandishly high.

I love to snoop around on real estate sites and dream of a living in a home that I can never really afford...and as I was looking at mansions in the Jackson area I came across a Townhouse.

It's a 4 bedroom place with a great location "Just a half-mile from the Jackson Town Square... Snow King Mountain, the National Elk Refuge, and the Cache Creek Trail system are all within a mile for wildlife watching, skiing, snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking, dog walking, and more."

Take a look at both the interior and exterior of this home, and then stick around for more information about the cost (including the monthly property taxes).

Here's What a 2 Million Dollar Townhouse In Jackson, Wyoming Looks Like

Take a look at this 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 2,045 sq ft Townhouse in Jackson, Wyoming. Would you pay almost 2 Million Dollars for it?

According to the asking price for this property is $1,950,000. The annual HOA fees are over $3,000 and the monthly property taxes are $991.

I can't lie...this is not what I expected for a Townhouse. And while this Townhouse is perfectly fine it's definitely nothing amazing.

But I guess it REALLY is all about location.

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