Yoga On The Labyrinth is back and this year's schedule is jam-packed with several no-cost classes for our Casper community.

The Labyrinth (Bart Rae Learning Circle) is located right off of 1st street in Mills, near The Pump House, and parking is available in Amoco Park.

It's a gorgeous shady spot right next to the Platte River, which makes it the perfect spot for Casper to meet to work on their physical and mental wellness.

While the name of this ongoing series is "Yoga" On The Labyrinth, a variety of classes are being offered.

  • Qigong/Tai Chi
  • Whole Kids: Kid’s yoga, exploring nature, and storytime by the river.
  • Whole Adults Life Coaching
  • Yoga Soul
  • Medicine Wheel Wellness

Yoga on the Labyrinth asks that all attendees register for the classes by going to this site, clicking on the class you plan to attend, and then letting them know you'll be there. This is the same site where you can find the entire schedule.

Keep in mind that the classes put on by Wyoming Yoga do have a small fee.

Donations made to this program will help support more great work in our community like the Casper Mural Project, and the Casper Community Greenhouse Project. This year they will also be taking some of your donations beyond Wyoming to support Ukrainian refugees.

Because we are yoga fans here at My Country 95.5 we thought it would be fun to take some of the more commonly known Yoga poses and give them a Wyoming twist. Maybe they'll use some of them at one of the upcoming Yoga on the Labyrinth classes ;)

Yoga Poses With A Wyoming Twist

We took some of the most common Yoga Poses and gave them Wyoming names!

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