It's been an active couple days of human/animal interactions in Wyoming. A Colorado man was gored by a bison near Old Faithful and now Wyoming Game and Fish is reporting that a hiker from New York was attacked by a grizzly west of Meeteetse.

Game and Fish says the man is an experienced hiker that had bear spray, but the attack was so quick he wasn't able to deploy the spray. No report of the mans injuries, but he was flown to a Montana hospital.

In this case, it seems the hiker and bear surprised each other and the bear won. If you think you can outrun a grizzly bear, you're thinking wrong. According to National Wildlife Federation, can reach speeds up to 35mph which is way faster than even the fastest human.

Usain Bolt is one of the fastest men in the world and his top speed is 27 mph. He achieved that speed in track shoes, shorts and a running shirt. Not hiking boots, carrying a backpack full of gear and water, in rugged terrain and in high elevation.

It's human nature that the first thing you want to do in an uncomfortable situation is run, but in a situation where a bear is involved, that's definitely not what you want to do. Many people want to experience hiking in the mountains, they want to see large animals (like the grizzly), but it's important to be bear-wise before heading out on your hike.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Bear Wise Wyoming, is a great resource for when you're going to be in bear country. Share that with your friends and family that want to have the ultimate Wyoming experience.

Make sure they're aware of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO. In any case, running away is NOT a good idea. Here's why...check out this fast moving bear captured on video earlier this year.

Here's a bonus video of the animals one of the fastest men in the world can outrun.

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