If you're looking for the scariest place in Wyoming, look no further. The Wyoming Frontier Prison was just declared the most haunted location in the state.

Thrillist shared a breakdown of the most haunted places in each state. For our state, it's the Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins. The fact that they offer special Halloween night tours should tell you something.

If you haven't freaked yourself out enough today, check out the full history of the Wyoming Frontier Prison dating back to its beginning in 1901. You'll get a full background on the shady characters that were contained within its walls. There's also background on all the different execution methods that occurred here.

You might remember the infamous Ghost Adventures episode that was filmed at the Wyoming Frontier Prison where they admitted "Dude, this place is alive". Maybe "alive" wasn't a good choice of words.

There's a good reason why Thrillist singled out the Wyoming Frontier Prison for this "honor". Have you visited and, if so, did you have any scary stories to tell?

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