Wyoming has some very small towns. That's one of our most endearing qualities. But, did you know that our state has one of the 14 smallest towns in the country for a very weird reason.

I spotted this list on Reader's Digest. They documented the very smallest communities in the country. We're talking people you can count on one hand. They counted Buford, Wyoming as the 3rd smallest city in the US with a population of 1.

For reference, you've almost certainly driven past Buford at some point as it's located between Laramie and Cheyenne.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The story behind why Buford has just one citizen is the weird part. They shared a NPR story about Pham Dinh Nguyen who owns the town and Jason Hirsch who sells his coffee in Buford. I love the quote that Jason gave NPR about being the city manager and lone resident.

The politics are pretty easy around here," Hirsch says. "Sometimes you know, you have arguments with yourself.

Gotta love the Wyoming sense of humor.

Check out the full Reader's Digest article to see the other states who are like Wyoming and proud to not have a lot of folks around.

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