If you imagined Wyomingites hate rear wheel drive vehicles, now it's confirmed. Car dealers in the Cowboy State just don't sell many of them, but what they had to say about rear wheel drive was interesting.

At Tyrrell Honda in Cheyenne, Debbie Hoffman says, “The sales department guesses the ratio is below 10 percent rear, and the other over 90 percent front, or all, wheel drive.” Debbie did add that the one tenth is mostly just high performance cars some people still like to have.

In higher altitude Laramie, (with only more snow per ounce), White’s University Ford’s Ronnie Armijo said, “Between here and Rawlins this morning, in fact, there was more than the usual amount of black ice. When you can’t see that, it’s very dangerous.” Ford salesman Cody Brown said, “I sell less than two percent rear wheel drives. The Mustang is popular, but the trucks rule around here.”

Shopping Wyoming lots, you've likely seen a row of 10 cars of the same model, available in more different colors, and only one that is rear wheel drive – sometimes it's none.

Of course, recently Casper was ranked one of America’s worst winter weather cities, so maybe we can assume rear wheel vehicles are no more popular in the Oil City.

So here is our poll question.