The Wyoming Game and Fish Department sent out a reminder to all hunters wishing to put in for big game tag permits that the deadline to submit applications is next week.

Hunters have until midnight on Thursday, May 31st to submit or modify your big game applications.  Residents can submit applications for Elk, Deer and Antelope for the permits to areas they wish to hunt.  While Non-residents can still submit hunting applications for Deer and Antelope areas (elk application deadline was January 31st).

Hunters are also invited to enter for the ultimate hunting adventure and a chance to win tags in the WG&F Super Tag Raffle.  This offers hunters another chance at a tag to hunt Wyoming's premier big game and trophy game species.  These species include big horn sheep, moos, elk, mountain goat, deer, bison, antelope, mountain lion, wolf and black bear.  Raffle tickets are $10 each for Super tag tickets and one winner will be chosen for each species. Or hunters can put in for a Super Tag Trifecta raffle ticket for $30 each, where one winner can hunt any three species of their choice.

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