Wyoming is full of surprises when you start to explore. Devils Tower, Hell's Half Acre, Boar's Tusk, Sinks Canyon, Intermittent Spring and Mud Volcanoes are all interesting and odd landmarks here. Just because you live in Wyoming, doesn't mean you've traveled to see all (or any) of them, but just knowing they're there is pretty mind blowing.

It's hard to imagine how some of the features of Yellowstone are even possible. Hot Springs, Geyser's, Volcanoes and earthquakes are all part of the make-up of Yellowstone.

In the Yellowstone area, Magma is close to the surface which causes these rare features to be possible. That includes the 'Supervolcano' that lies underneath the National Park and worries many people. Scientist say the likelihood of the Supervolcano erupting anytime in the next few thousand years is not very good.

Because the Magma flows so close to the surface, you get the thermal areas such as the Mud Volcano Thermal Area. Just north of Yellowstone Lake before you get to Hayden Valley. This area is close to one of the Supervolcanoes vents, which is the reason for the mesmerizing mud volcano.

mud volcano map
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At one time explorers said Mud Volcano was a 30 ft. high cone erupting mud high enough to cover nearby trees. By the time Yellowstone was officially a National Park in the 1870's the volcano broke up and today is just a crater filled with bubbling mud.

When you visit this area of Yellowstone, you'll also see other fascinating sites and all along the same pathway.

  • Mud Cauldron
  • Mud Geyser
  • Churning Cauldron
  • Black Dragon Cauldron
  • Grizzly Fumarole
  • Dragon's Mouth Spring

This video, which was recently uploaded to YouTube by Xplore Thru My Lens, from a visit to the park during the warmer part of the year shows the 184 degree mud bubbling out of the ground.

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