As a proud University of Wyoming alumni, I have always encouraged my children to consider attending college in state.

I received an amazing education, loved living in Laramie, and even though I paid out of state tuition the first year, it was still almost $20,000 less than I would have paid to attend my home state's University.

It turns out that I'm not alone in noticing the budget-friendly costs of the University of Wyoming.

I came across this article at that shared the average cost of college tuition by state.

Based on data they collected just this month, Wyoming is number one on their list of states with the most affordable college tuition.

For those of you that have a whole slew of kids, like Doc and I, this is amazing news.

This is what had to say about Wyoming.

We have lots of good things to say about Wyoming. Between Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, you’ll have lots of talking points if you ever want to convince your friends to take a road trip out West.

But what’s even better? There are plenty of reasons you should consider getting a degree in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming’s average in-state tuition is just $3,385—cheaper than that used car your coworker is always trying to sell you. Plus, out-of-state tuition averages only $8,784.

Keep in mind that collected data from colleges around the state of Wyoming and then took the average cost to come up with these numbers.

As someone who moved to Wyoming at the age of 17 to attend UW, I have to agree with everything that they said. I loved my four years at UW and found that the education I received prepared me to excel in my career.

Hanging out at the Buckhorn and hiking in the Snowy Range wasn't bad either.


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