Sometimes our history is a series of unanswered questions. Take this old letter a worker pulled out of a wall he was demolishing. The house was built during the Civil War era. Written next to the date and on the back is the word "Wyoming."

Since FoundPaper posted the picture on Reddit, many people asked questions. Most of the time once there was an answer, it only raised more questions. For example, people had a hard time reading the letter, so folks enhanced the photo to bring out the contrast. Then it was apparent the letter was written in German. The user Zensayshun had help translating the message from the user Legvivs. Here is the translation:

Wyoming, the 22 of March, 1889

Werther Friend!

Now that I know where you are I want to send you a few lines and would really like to know how you are doing. [If] you do not like it there and you want to come to us it would make us happy if we could reach out to each other. If you are not earning much then you could do better and come to us in which case you could always earn between 18 to 22 dollars per month, thus from 200 to 250 per year. You always have a place with us. TH[?] considers it for the best if you want to come to us. I ---- the best for you.

Your Friend,

In 1889, Wyoming was about to become a state. Construction of the University of Wyoming and the Capitol in Cheyenne was just finished. The land was budding with opportunities from ranch work to mining to on the railroad. We may never know why the letter was placed inside that wall, but it the accumulation of these small stories that make up the history of Wyoming.

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