National Kick Butt Day - the second Monday of October - is to give ourselves a kick in the rear. To be clear, while we in Wyoming may want to give someone else a butt-kickin’, this isn't permission. Kick Butt Day was meant to take care of our own business.

The website has examples of things we may not have kicked off of a to-do list. Well, now is the time.

Here are 5 Wyoming ways to kick butt:

1. Winterize your vehicle.

2. Clean up the leaves that are falling.

3. Catch up on Craig Johnson's latest "Longmire" novel

4. Start your own great Wyoming novel.

5. Donate much needed coats to a Wyoming charity.

Ironically, if your employer observes Columbus Day, you can wait until Tuesday. Some, however, like a holiday to catch up on things at home. If that’s you, then kick butt.

However, Kick Butt Day is not to be confused Kick Butts Day, which takes place in March and is meant to help youths kick smoking cigarette butts.