One of the many things we love about Wyoming are the surprises we find in our yards. Great example here as a Wyoming man heard someone (or something) eating crab apples outside of his window.

Enteratrisk shared this sweet pic on Wyoming Reddit with the story of what he found in his yard:

Family took me out to dinner tonight. Came home to this guy in the yard hanging out eatin crab apples. He hung around for ten minutes or more then left when the wife opened her door.. He was sleeping under my window last night. And eatin crab apples

As you might imagine, the comments on Reddit have been hilarious. My personal favorite is user MollyMutiny who said "Wyoming Chupacabra". Love it.

The funny thing about crabapples is that Wyoming folks sometimes get into disagreements over which variety is best for deer. Check out the Quality Deer Management Association website if you don't believe me.

Thanks to Enteratrisk for this awesome deer pic share. Here's hoping his crabapple eating deer don't keep him awake at night.

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