Easter in Wyoming is like a box of chocolates...you never know what you're gonna get.

This year there are a couple problems we're facing when it comes to the Easter Egg Hunting:

  • we got a huge snowstorm that dropped feet of snow
  • egg are so expensive, do you really want to waste them and may've put a damper on Easter Egg hunting.

Here is our list of Easter 2023 Issues.

  1. Sure, you could hide the eggs outside in the snow, but can you really hide brightly colored eggs against the white snow?
    1. you can hide the eggs in your house and let the kids run around and find them, while destroying your décor, but do you really want to do that?
  2. You can't just boil the eggs and hide them, again, eggs are expensive.
  3. Why not just get plastic eggs and fill them with candy & money?

Let's tackle these issues and give you alternative options.

Issue: Hiding the eggs in your house is a pain. Someone's going to get hurt and end up in the E.R. What if you splurge on real eggs, decorate them and then forget where you hid 1 or 2? Stinky eggs rotting in the house.

Alternative: Check out the 'What's Going on in Casper' or your community Facebook group and find public Easter Egg Hunts to take your kids to or find a large indoor area that can be used as your hunting grounds.

Issue: Eggs are expensive and you buy a couple dozen eggs and waste them.

Alternative: Decorate other items the same as you would the eggs.

Issue: Just get plastic eggs and fill them with money and candy

  • Problem 1 - takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to buy the stuff to fill them, you have to fill them and then hide them
  • Problem 2 - Putting loose candy in the egg is a waste.

Alternative: Don't fill them with anything, let them cash the eggs they find in for certain items, like candy or money.

  • The kid that finds the most, gets first choice. Second most, 2nd choice...and so on. Make all the 'prizes' worth the same and have the same appeal.

Snowy Wyoming Easter's don't have to be a drag, just use your imagination a little bit and you'll knock it outta the park.

Have a happy Easter.

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