Arby's, Wyoming Bureau of Land Management

Wyoming could see a venison sandwich if test markets prove successful. That's according to the place itself.

Here is the official word from Arby's Restaurant Group Director of Brand Communications and Content, Luke DeRouen.

Will we have Arby's venison sandwich in our area? Wyoming is not part of the initial test.  We plan to evaluate feedback after limited release before making a decision on broadening the promotion.

If venison works elsewhere, would you say it's likely it will be offered in WY? We understand Wyoming has a devoted deer hunting community, and we will certainly consider that when evaluating the program. 

What else would you like us to know? It’s worth noting the quality of the product?  It consists of a 5.5 ounce venison top/bottom round steak taken from the hind-quarter.  It’s a thick cut steak that’s slow cooked so it’s very tender.  The sauce is ... a tangy juniper berry sauce.

If it arrives in our State, 13 cities have a total of 16 Arbys locations.

Results of our poll asking if Wyomingites would like to try the new venison sammy were overwhelmingly yes, so we tried to get more information. Thanks to Luke for getting back to us pronto.

That "devoted" thing was darn right, so meanwhile keep shooting, and eating fresh.