One of our favorite wildlife photographer's has captured another great moment in the Wyoming backcountry.

Ariel Celeste, who lives off the grid in the northwestern part of Wyoming, has the ability and talent to capture animals in their natural habitat without interfering. Recently during a snow storm she caught a fairly large herd of bighorn sheep searching for food and climbing around on the mountains.

Bighorn Sheep in Snow
Fy Nyth via YouTube

Wyoming is home to some of the largest bighorn sheep herds in the lower 48 United States. As you can see in the video below, Ariel is lucky enough to live near one of those large herds.

There's no doubt that Ariel and her husband live in a fantastic location and have been witness to many amazing sights. Living around wildlife activity like this, you learn lots about the movements and behaviors of the animals. In the video, she does a really good job explaining what you're watching and some of what she is seeing that is going on.

You'll notice the sheep are looking a little rough right now as they are shedding their thick winter coats in favor of their summer attire. The rams are also acting a little attention seeking as they're sparring and showing off for the ladies.

ighorn Sheep Rams collide
Fy Nyth via YouTube

It's cool to watch these animals living their best life and getting ready to enjoy the summer weather and warmer temperatures, just like the rest of us. If you see any pictures you really enjoy, you're able to order a copy from her on her photography website.

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