Wyoming has to deal with a lot of stereotypes. People think we all ride horses, have our walls filled with guns and are super-conservative. Actually, a lot of that is true especially that last one since Wyoming was just named the most conservative state in America...again.

Homesnacks is a fun website. They like to list stuff and are often quite snarky. I always appreciate snark. Their methodology is often hilarious. How did they decide who's conservative and who's not? Here are some of their metrics for being conservative:

  • % of Republicans
  • Tax Rate
  • Gun ownership rate

Here's how they described it:

To determine the most conservative states in America, we needed to look at voting patterns, recent laws and policies, and where people have shown red tendencies.

Yes, Wyoming comes out #1 and that isn't really news. We were #1 last year, too. If there is a surprise, to me it's the fact that the only other western states that end up among the most conservative are Idaho and the Dakotas.

I tend to avoid politics like the plague, but check out the full Homesnacks conservative list if you'd like to learn more.

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