I want to state for a fact that I could care less about skin color. It's just epidermis. But, it is interesting that Wyoming was just named one of the whitest states in America.

This new share by Roadsnacks crunched numbers from the American Community Survey from the US Census. Here's what they came up with for Wyoming:

Population: 583,200
White Population: 491,626
Percent White : 84.3%

That puts Wyoming at #9 among the most Caucasian states in the US. But, we're not nearly as pale as our friends in Montana who came in at #5 with a 86.6% white population.

According to Roadsnacks, the overall American population is 62.35% white. That would make Wyoming practically albino by comparison.

That reminds me. Were you at the Larry the Cable Guy show in Casper back in 2009? It was awesome.

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