If you're idea of taking pictures is best done with your mobile device, then you're probably not planning on taking photos of the upcoming eclipse.  But if you're wanting to capture photos of the solar event, we've got a quick introduction to help make this event a success for the seasoned and beginning photographer alike.

To take photos of this year's eclipse you don't have to rush out to the store to grab a high tech DSLR camera!  In fact, many folks can take stunning eclipse photos with a point and shoot camera, and you've probably got one you haven't used in years.

Canon.com has put together a great article that helps the expert photographer and novice alike, in preparing to capture stunning eclipse photos of their own.

Casper is right in the path of the eclipse this year and will experience a Total Eclipse.

The last eclipse to pass over North America was on February 26th, back in 1979 and was visible in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.  On that date the was cold and dreary and many people didn't get to experience the eclipse due to rain across most of the northwest. - eclipse2017.0rg

With weather always a concern during solar and lunar events, the fact that this year's eclipse will be in August means that there is a pretty good chance much of Wyoming will get the opportunity to experience the eclipse without issue.

This year's eclipse is expected to last for about 2 and a half minutes according to astronomers, so if you're going to capture it with your camera, you better be prepared.

Cannon.com helps with the planning and preparation you'll need to capture the images you desire.  They show you how to capture the disk size you desire, filters needed and shutter settings for your camera.

Good Luck, but the time to prepare is upon us as trying to find the right items for your camera might be difficult once the eclipse draws near.

Happy Snappin'!!

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