This summer the possibility of tens of thousands of visitors will come to Wyoming to witness a total solar eclipse. The last time Wyoming got to experience a total solar eclipse was back in 1979.

Lots of folks are making plans to be in the cowboy state come August.  Some just for the solar event itself, while others will turn it into an opportunity to see some of Wyoming's beautiful attractions.

With all the excitement that the eclipse has created, hotels along the 'zero line' are all but completely booked and finding a place to stay during the solar event has become extremely difficult.  Some Wyoming residents are even renting out extra rooms or their entire homes to visitors willing to pay big bucks for the experience.

Last week, I got an email from a person living out of state, that was wondering what accommodations were like around the Casper area for camping, since hotels are completely full.

I did some checking on campgrounds close to Casper and here is what I found.

Most all of these campgrounds will be completely booked for the 2017 solar event, but a few have some camping spaces available.  If you're wanting reservations for the eclipse, you'll want to make reservations ASAP.

Fort Caspar Campground - (307) 234-3260

Casper East RV Park and Campground - (307) 237-5155

Casper KOA Campground - (307) 577-1664


Rivers Edge RV and Cabins Resort - (888) 834-0042

Lariat Mobile Home Court - (307) 265-9315

Casper Mountain - Beartrap Meadow Campground

There are more camping options if you're willing to drive a few miles including:

Douglas KOA Journey - (307) 358-2164

A few camping sites are available to be reserved at Alcova Resort (307) 472-6666, Glendo Res., Pathfinder Marina - (307) 259-1792, Seminoe Res. Boat Club (307) 320-3043 and there are many more primitive camping sites available - first come / first serve. Most camping locations have fees associated with them, while others on BLM and National Forest lands are primitive and some are even free for those not afraid to "ruff it".

Trapper's Route, Black Beach Campground, Bishop's Point, the Miracle Mile and many other locations offer a place to drop a trailer or set up a tent, some even have rest rooms within a short walk of camping spaces.

Camping at Wyoming state parks like the one at Glendo Res. are available first come / first serve at a rate of $17 a night for non-Wyoming residents. But unfortunately all reserved camping spaces are booked for the eclipse date. Phone:(307) 735-4433

More camping options available close to the 'Zero Line' include: accommodations near Riverton, as well as north of Casper along I-25 towards Kaycee and Buffalo.


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