"At 76 years old, Ron Titterington stays busy with his log hauling business and maintaining 40 acres on his ranch outside of Pavillion, Wyoming.  Last month while working on his backhoe in his yard with his daughter, Shawna, things changed dramatically," read a press release from Banner Wyoming Medical Center.

Titterington began to demonstrate signs of a stroke, and an ambulance was able to arrive and transport him ~27 miles to Riverton.

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Ron was flighted to Banner Wyoming Medical Center.  When he arrived, Dr. Wheeler, along with interventional radiologist Eric Cubin, M.D., determined that Ron’s stroke was not yet complete and that he was a good candidate for mechanical clot retrieval. Interventional radiologists make this type of stroke treatment possible at Banner Wyoming Medical Center.  Fellow interventional radiologist Ryan Bonifield, D.O., came over to perform the procedure.

This is Ron’s second stroke.  He suffered a mild stroke in 2015.

“It’s safe to say that without serious intervention, he would have been severely disabled with a poor prognosis,” said Dr. Wheeler.  Not so long ago, “stroke” often meant long-term disability or at least long, hard-fought recoveries for survivors and their families. It is still the fourth-leading cause of death and the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States.

In addition to Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Bonifield, Dr. Oliverson and Dr. Cubin, Ron’s care team included Dr. Matthew Chynoweth, Dr. Alan Wicks, medical student Nicole Hinds, along with a full multidisciplinary team from across the hospital.

“If they hadn’t made that quick decision, I don’t think I’d be here,” Ron said from his hospital bed.  “I credit all of the people here at this hospital for where I am right now.”

Banner Wyoming Medical Center's Primary Stroke Center is the state's only center certified by the Joint Commission and recognized with the American Stroke Association’s highest level of recognition for fast, expert stroke care –Target: Stroke Honor Roll – Elite Plus status. If you or a loved show any signs of stroke, call 911 immediately. Remember: In case of stroke, act F.A.S.T.

  • F – Face: Ask the person to smile. Look to see if one side droops or the face is not symmetrical.
  • A – Arms: Have the person raise both arms in front of them at shoulder height. Watch to see if one arm drops lower than the other.
  • S – Speech: Ask the person a question or to repeat a phrase back to you. Listen for slurred or garbled speech or signs the person doesn’t understand what you have asked of them.
  • T – Time: If any of the three signs is present, time is of the essence. Call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to drive to the hospital yourself. Emergency medical responders will begin tests on the way to the hospital.

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