Wyoming is one of the top 10 states with the fewest numbers of recorded break-ins. And ahead of us, you may find a state or two surprising.

This is good news for parents who leave the door unlocked with kids at home alone. Just kidding. There was a time, though, when kids, and neighbors kids, used to come and go worry-free.

A Secure Life (ASL) is a company that does home security evaluations. According to ASL, "Wyoming, as a rural state, has advantages beyond fewer traffic jams and shorter lines at the store—it also has a burglary rate of 300.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, which puts Wyoming at the fifth safest state from break-ins.”

Darn it!! They didn’t say a word about our gun laws. Oh well. ASL did say who "may have the police’s ‘get tough’ policy to thank for its low burglary rate of 223.7 per 100,000 inhabitants.” That's number one ranked New York. Who would have guessed that?

#1. New York

#2. Virginia

#3. New Hampshire

#4. Connecticut

#5. Wyoming

Are you cool with the use of the word "rural?" Of course we are rural, but coming from elsewhere it may have a tone to it - even just in writing. Not to take a redneck tone, but we do stand up for each other around here. And maybe burglars know that too.

How do Wyoming's bordering states rank?

Colorado #23

Utah #21

Montana #17

South Dakota #12

Nebraska #10!