The latest forecast for the weekend calls for a cold front to hit western Montana, Idaho and the northwestern corner of Wyoming late Saturday and into Sunday July 10th. Residents and visitors are being advised to be prepared for considerably colder temperatures, cold rainfall and even SNOW! Temperatures are expected to fall during the day Sunday and overnight Sunday night rain will turn to snow with snow levels dropping to 6500 ft.

By Monday temperatures are expected to be 20-35 degrees below normal, light rain could be possible and with a cloud deck that will be hanging low on the mountains, visibility could be affected as well.

Snow in the Rockies is not unheard of any month of the year, as a matter of fact we only have to go back to July 25th last year to see a July snowfall as is seen in this pick from Jackson.


The rest of Wyoming will see some cooler temperatures and a chance of showers, but we will see it more wet than white.

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