Prior to 2018, if you're in Wyoming, you knew who Josh Allen was. From 2015-2017 he wore the #17 for the UW Cowboys and was turning heads in the NFL.

Prior to putting on a Wyoming uniform, only the folks in Firebaugh, California and the surrounding areas knew the name. Even though there are a lot of people in California, the area where Josh lived is pretty small compared to what you think for California. If you look at the Wikipedia page for Firebaugh, the only 'Notable Resident' is, Josh Allen.

Josh didn't get the big college offers out of high school, and really didn't get any offers. He played at Reedley Community College just outside of Fresno, CA in 2014, but he knew he had what it took to make it big.

The story goes that Josh sent out email to colleges all over the country, just trying get a chance to play at a bigger school. The only school that came calling, Wyoming.

The Cowboy's saw his potential and gave the farm kid a chance.

After 3 years, off to the NFL he went. The first couple years were rough, but just like the first part of his playing career, he showed what he was made of and is now one of the best pro Quarterbacks in the league.

A social media personality named Ali Koca, spent some time highlighting Josh's story, and it really could be and may be a Hollywood movie.

The story would go something like this...

Farm boy from the Central Valley in California, defied all the odds to make it to the NFL. From zero offers to a $258 million contract with the Buffalo Bills and doing tv commercials for Frito Lay.

Disney will surely be calling if Josh can get the Buffalo Bills their first Super Bowl win.

The story of Josh Allen, is the story that you need to relay to your kids. Never give up, try your best and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. All things are possible if you put your mind to it and try.

This video is under a minute long, but tells the first couple chapters of the Josh Allen book.

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Let's relive some of the exciting Josh Allen highlights from his time with the Pokes.

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