Do not feed the animals. That's now an official warning for a woman in Wyoming who has reportedly been feeding moose and bears.

Jackson Hole News & Guide reported recently that Barbara Magin has been told to stop feeding moose on her property. They also reported last month that US Fish and Wildlife had investigated a report that she had been feeding famous Grizzly 399 and her cubs also.

I reached out to US Fish and Wildlife and they provided this picture of the reported feeding of the bears.

Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife
Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife

Jackson Hole News & Guide reported that she was investigated for the bear feeding which allegedly happened late in 2020, but declined to press charges. They referenced this to the Endangered Species Act which was designed to protect bears, moose and other wildlife from anyone or anything that disturbs their habitat.

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This could be one of the reasons why Grizzly 399 and her cubs were spotted in a Wilson, Wyoming neighborhood late last year.

Will this warning from authorities stop the feeding of wildlife? Only time will tell. Unfortunately actions like this many times don't result in good endings for bears who become acclimated to humans and their food.

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