It is officially tourist season here in Wyoming.

We love tourist season (and all the revenue it brings to our state), but there are always certain challenges that come along with it.

There are the obvious issues with Bison (no they aren't tame and no selfies please), extra traffic, and tourists running out of gas but really...what advice WOULD you give to someone coming to Wyoming?

Each time one of my family members plan to come to visit for the first time I always recommend they bring clothes for every season, stop and get gas at every opportunity, and plan to be humbled and awed by the views.

We deiced to ask YOU what advice you had to give...and made it extra challenging by asking you to do it in 5 words or less.

We should have known that you would not only accept the challenge, but exceed our expectations. We had over 200 replies to this post!

Michelle: No selfies with the wildlife please.

We agree with Michelle, this is definitely an important one.

Leah: Staple your hat to your head.

Clear and concise and 100% accurate.

Several of you mentioned that on windy days you shouldn't open more than one door at a time.

Honestly, I've lived here SO LONG that I just naturally know this I'm filing this away to tell my relatives when they come.

Shelby: The Jackalope Ivory is the states most valuable resource.

This may be more than 5 words, but it was one of my favorites.

Cody: Get off your phone!! Look!!

Yup Cody, we couldn't agree more. There is always so much to see in Wyoming no matter what time of year you travel here. Roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and gorgeous scenery!

Barb: You can visit, don't stay.

Oh Barb, you were definitely not the only one that made a reference to the fact that we love visitors, but we also love our wide open unpopulated spaces too ;)

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