After reading the responses from a recent survey, there are some folks that never had a day off school for a 'snow day'. For others, it was something that happened quite often and they took full advantage of the situation.

The actual definition of snow day from is:

a day when schools and businesses are closed because a lot of snow is falling

Living in a state that has quite a bit of snow every year, the road crews and schools have got the winter weather process down to a science. Technology and heavy equipment both plays a big role in making sure kids get their schooling in during a snow situation.

Skier Making Snow Angel
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Even if school isn't called off, there are still plenty of opportunities to get outside and take advantage of the newly fallen snow.

I can remember as a kid, we lived far enough out of town that getting to school was out of the question on big snow days and we always had options to keep us busy. Clearing snow off the porch, sidewalks and driveways was our first chore, then the snow play began.

Bundling up and heading out to throw snowballs, build a snowman or snow fort then coming in and warming up with soup and hot chocolate are all some of the memories that were shared by Wyomingites that love a good snow day. It seems only some that responded have poor memories or are a bit bitter at the thought of a snow day.

Check out the 'snow day' memories that many people shared when thinking back to the good ol' days.

Wyomingite Snow Day Fun

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