For some of us, waking up and showering is our daily routine. Seems our routine may be wrong.

In the wild west days, bathing was sometimes limited to swimming in a creek, river or pond. Taking a bath, just wasn't a priority. As gross as that may seem, they may've actually been doing it right.

Well, maybe not absolutely right, but according to a new study they were more right than we are today.

Nobody wanted to be the stinky kid in school and the thought of having a hint of smelly aroma coming off your body as an adult will drive some insane. The anxiety of social standards causes many men and women to spend hours a week, bathing, grooming, adding scent killing products and using every method they can to not stink.

Some experts claim that if you're showering too much every week, you're doing it wrong. They say your skin can become itchy, flaky, induce skin conditions, make your hair brittle and dry. They're recommending that you only take a shower 2-3 times per week.

On the other side of the fence, WebMD says that if you have issues like allergies, oily skin, sweat a lot, work or play in a hot/sweaty environment, you should be showering more often.

These studies are usually just someone's opinion, and we all know that people love to give us their opinion.

Showering/ bathing, is definitely one of those 'do what's best for you', but not showering every day can benefit you're time management. Saving that extra 10-20 minutes of shower time, can give you those extra minutes of getting things done.

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