The season started with high temperatures, but the mercury has dropped and finally the goal in Wyoming are putting those elk in the freezer.

Living in this state we keep a pretty close eye on how the seasons are going, even if you weren't lucky enough to draw a license this year. There is no doubt this time of year, the rut is starting, the bulls are bugling and starting to pair up with their lady friends.

When rut begins, the temperament of elk changes. Sparring, fighting, lady chasing and baby making starts to get serious. Through the rut season, the bull elk will find many suitors to try and procreate with.

A couple weeks ago on Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors, Jessie Caputa was our guest. Jessie drew her very first license for bull elk. We discussed what she was most excited about, what her strategy was and how she's been preparing for the hunt.  Jessie's boyfriend, Clay, has been preparing her for years. She'd gone out with him many times, but this time was on her.

After preparing, glassing, scouting, picking out new gear and practicing with her crossbow, it was time for the hunt.

Jessie's hunt was finished after 5 days and over 31 miles of travel. The huntress won the battle and was able to take down a HUGE trophy. A 351 7/8 green SCI bull, how awesome it that? First hunt, and she's bringing a BIG one home.

Jessie Elk Final 1
Jessie J Caputa

Another regular guest on WHHO is Dustin Fry. Dustin was a contestant on the hunting series HuntWarz season 2, which you can watch on the website. Dustin and his hunting partner from Team 307 on the show, Cassidy Reel, were also successful in the field. Cassidy did the calling to help Dustin get er done.

Dustin Elk 1
Dustin Fry
dustin elk 3
Dustin Fry

There's no doubt the elk are on the move. You can see that for sure, checking out this video taken by Jessie as they were moving around area 7.


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