Being in southeast Wyoming, we have really lucked out with the fact that Curt Gowdy State Park is right at our fingertips. The esteemed park located almost halfway between Cheyenne and Laramie always receives high praise from its tourists. In fact, recently, it was named as 'Lonely Planet's '5 Stunning State Parks That Rival National Parks'. While that is an awesome accolade from a travel publication, an even more well known publication as put Curt Gowdy State Park on an even more elite list.

USA Today has listed Curt Gowdy State Park as a finalist to potentially make their Top 10 list for 'Best State Parks for RVing and Camping'. And they still have a chance to make that list with your vote! The top 10 list is a 'Reader's Choice' vote, and therefore, you can help Curt Gowdy State Park make the top 10 list.

A travel expert for '10Best' by the name of Chez Chesak said this about Curt Gowdy State Park:

Located just 25 minutes west of downtown Cheyenne, this natural gem is nestled in the pine-covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains and offers seven sections of richly varied landscape. Curt Gowdy State Park is a mecca of outdoor pursuits and opportunities.

The finalist nomination also noted the numerous possibilities for outdoor adventures at the state park that included, "archery range, mountain biking, fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, paddleboarding, and more."

As of Wednesday (June 8th), Curt Gowdy State Park was not far outside the 'Top 10' list as the real-time voting has them 13th overall, out of the 20 finalists. So with your vote, you could help Curt Gowdy State Park make 'USA Today's 10Best Reader's Choice 2022' for RVing and Camping. You can vote by going to the link provided here. There's roughly 11 days left to vote.

But what reason would you have for not voting, just look at what other's have to say and what they saw at Wyoming's Curt Gowdy State Park...

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