It's no secret that our ski resorts have been closed due to the current pandemic. That hasn't stopped Wyoming's Grand Targhee from allowing a limited number of skiers to ski uphill. Seriously.

Tom M just shared this very helpful video on YouTube explaining what's going on at Grand Targhee.

I want to clear about the fact that Grand Targhee is not open and no staff appear to be present. If you visit their official website, you'll notice the following status:

Uphill travel is open. Travel is at your own risk and the ski area is considered "backcountry terrain". Potential hazards could include and not limited to avalanches, heavy equipment pushing snow, over-snow vehicle traffic, road cuts, winch cables, and unmarked man-made, and natural hazards. There will be no first aid or rescue services available from the resort. In case of an emergency call 911. Motorized travel is not permitted on the mountain.

Get the vibe that this guy is talking about locals in the area that practically live on the mountain more or less. It was his statement about uphill skiing being a thing that made me laugh.

My entire life I feel like I have been skiing uphill so thanks for that comedic relief.

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