Now, this is a dynamic duo that I think we can all get on board with. One of Wyoming's favorite sons was recently spotted with everyone's favorite Yellowstone character. That's right, Ian Munsick and Cole Hauser, who plays Rip on Yellowstone, were seen palling around in Idaho a few days ago.

I say were "seen" but, Ian Munsick was pretty quick to get the photo op on his social media accounts, which is cool to see that even Ian Munsick is a fan of Yellowstone. Which is ironic since he actually grew up on a ranch. So, it's fitting.

Check out the post for yourself here.


I mean, did they just become best friends, or is it just me speculating? Probably the latter, but still, it's really cool to see two people that Wyomingites love in the same photo frame.

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Hey, maybe he can get Ian as a side character on Yellowstone, he could be another singing ranch worker, similar to what Ryan Bingham has done. Oh, maybe they can be in the same scene together singing. That would be cool. They could just launch a tour together afterward.


Sorry, I got out of control for a second. I'm back now.

I do love that Ian makes the joke "Who's Rip taking to the train station next?". That's a pretty awesome joke. And if you're a fan of Yellowstone, you love that. Obviously, we don't want Ian going to the train station, though, so hopefully, Rip spares him.

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