A map released this week from Business Insider tallied up purchases in late 2017 by each state and reveals their most popular ones.

Data from shopping site Earny suggests that Americans shopped for an eclectic mix of items. Colorado bought DNA kits, Nebraska was into exercise mats, and South Dakota really needed carpet cleaner.

Here in Wyoming, our top purchases item was sugar substitute, Stevia.

Stevia as a sweetner came to exists in the mid 1990s, but became a mainstream product in the mid 2010's. The FDA currently does not regard the product as an "approved food additive" according to Wikipedia.

Some of the more strange purchases came from Washington who bough a lot of dollhouses, South Carolina who bought toilet paper the most, in Missouri they were looking for a book called 'Giraffes Can't Dance,' and in Ohio they were purchasing lava lamps.

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