Even if you've visited the Pathfinder Reservoir, I bet you've never seen it like this before.

I don't know much about Tyler Thies, but I know he must have a drone. That's because of a video that's not new (but it's new to me) above Wyoming's Pathfinder Reservoir. When I say "above", I really do mean "above".

If you're new to the area, you don't have to travel far to see Pathfinder for yourself. It's only about 47 miles to the southwest of Casper.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Wikipedia page for Pathfinder includes an interesting fish fact. It says that Pathfinder is...

the only established population of the Macedonian Ohrid Trout (S. letnica) in the United States.

Good to know. I didn't see any trout in this drone video, but it is one of the most unique views of Pathfinder I've ever seen.

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