Maybe you've heard of Jenny Lake Lodge? In Grand Teton National Park, if the name sounds like it might be a rustic restaurant, it kind of is. Jenny Lake Lodge just has more of a cleaned and polished shine. It is also Wyoming’s most expensive dining experience, according to and their “Most Expensive Restaurant in Every State.”

If you ever heard there’s a place in the Cowboy State that “serves a different five-course meal every night,” 247wallst says this is the one. You know the restaurant you can’t get in without reservations? This is that place as well.

So what does one spend at Jenny Lake Lodge? Well, before gratuity, of course, it’s $92, a fixed price per person. As long as you’re there and just have to add a fine adult beverage, well why not. In fact, I’m with you.

I won’t even ask how you feel about that $92 for a five-course meal and beautiful scenery through the window. If anything, I wonder if it could be steeper. It is higher than most state’s highest, but the list of 50 go from under $40 in Delaware to $595 in New York.

By the way, has an extensive list of the best restaurants in Wyoming, starting in Casper and Cheyenne.