When you compare Wyoming to other states, there's no competition, we're better. Do we need to count the reasons? Maybe not, but lets go over some for the highlights.

  • Other than weather related and because of animals, we don't really have any traffic.
  • No state income tax
  • We love guns
  • The scenery
  • Wide open spaces
  • Rodeos
  • Steamboat
  • Low Population

I could go on and on, but I really don't need to, you know why it's great here in the Cowboy State.

If you've ever gone down an internet rabbit hole, you've probably come across interesting factoids that caught your attention. It happened to me when I googled "why is Wyoming better than Colorado". As I was scrolling through the reasons, I saw a video. When I started watching the video, the facts started pouring out in favor of Wyoming.

One stat really stood out.

Colorado is 10 times more populated than Wyoming. In comparison of the amount of area that each of the two states has, Colorado is just slightly bigger than Wyoming. Colorado has about 103,641 sq/mi and Wyoming has just over 97,000 sq/mi, so only about 6,000 square miles separate the states in area. Comparing the population, they're nowhere close. Colorado's estimated population is 5.8 million and Wyoming is just 581,00.

When you break it down, Wyoming only has 5.85 people per square mile, Colorado has roughly 55.7 people per square mile.

If you look on the map, they look very similar. If you could zoom in on the map and see the people, it would definitely look different.

Another wild fact I caught while watching the video, was that there are 29 U.S. cities that have a bigger population that Wyoming. Think about that for a second, nearly 600,000 people crammed into just a few hundred square miles and we have under 600,000 people.

The cities and the video I checked out are below.

These 29 Cities Have Bigger Populations Than Wyoming's 581,000

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