Have you ever wondered why Wyoming is the least populace state in the country? The city of Denver has more people than the entire state. Is there something wrong with the state? What does or does not the Cowboy State have? And more importantly, does it matter?

People on Yahoo Answers have a few ideas on the subject.


Actually, Wyoming is more than 2/3 public land and National Parks. We don't have a lot of private land available for development, nor do we have a lot of water available for infrastructure. Oil and gas developments are permitted on public lands, so we suffer a boom and bust cycle. Aside from that draw back, it's some of the finest living a person could ask for. - Robert


Because the weather is harsh there. It can snow ten months out of the year. Its hard to grow anything there. It is remote and isolated. It makes transportation difficult especially in the winter. Besides the northwest part of the state the rest of it is baron and desolate. The main industries are mining mainly coal and soda ash, oil and gas drilling, sheep, and tourism in the northwest. And they are either seasonal or cyclical. There is not much to draw people. - jeff410

Cause there just isn't much there to draw people to stay. Not a lot of cities (because, if you comprehend how cities formed....the situations simply didn't exist...few crossroads, not a lot of navigable rivers...the major railways bypass it... Plus, lots of REALLY GREAT ranch land...not conducive to a lot of population. It's a really pretty state! But, that's part of the beauty, too! - Dart


Hey, if you like the wind blowin' up your skirt at 60 mph all day and all night, 365 days a year...Wyoming is the place to go. - Mac S


What does Wyoming have to offer? I've been there and it's just wide open spaces - remuswolf

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