The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park operate under a different kind of math compared to the rest of us. This flashback video is a great example. It's that time when 7 wolves tried to take on 2 grizzlies.

Hard to believe it's been over 10 years ago that Dennis Rademaker shared this epic confrontation on YouTube. It begins with a grizzly on a bison kill when he's approached by 7 wolves. Shortly after they try to steal the kill from the grizzly, another grizzly arrives on the scene. That's when it gets good. This happened in Yellowstone's Hayden Valley.

Dennis said this about what he witnessed:

A Grizzly is ontop of a Bison carcas in Lamar valley, 7 Wolves try to chase him off. Suddenly a second Grizzly shows up and 6 of the wolves chase after the just arriving Grizzly.

We don't get to see exactly how this confrontation ends, but it looks like the wolf pack is trying to run off the 2nd grizzly to give themselves a better chance of chasing the other grizzly off of the bison. Like I said, this is Yellowstone wildlife math in action.

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