We've all see those videos of moron tourist (turons) getting trampled down or tossed high by the cute fuzzy cow that looks too pettable to pass up. But you have not seen those videos from EVERY possible angle.

A young park ranger at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has come up with the brilliant idea of attaching a go pro to bison horns to give us a point of view perspective on the sport of human tossing. Oh yes, we have documented proof they do it for sport. Just read this article. 

"Well," said the young Yellowstone ranger who thought of the idea, "I was wondering what goes through the bison's head has he mauls. I mean, besides the turon's body. Then I thought, HEY, if I make a YouTube page out of this we'd get like a gazillion hits."

"The head park ranger boss guy did not like the idea. But then I told him, hey, we'll get like a gazillion hits."

"The problem will be getting out there to attach the GoPro to the horns and then going back out to get them again. But we have interns for that, so..."

But the young park ranger's idea doesn't stop there.

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"It's one thing to get popular on YouTube. But if you want to stay there you have to continue to ramp it up. So, next, we put a camera on each horn so people can watch it in 3D."

"Live video will come after that. We'll send out an app alert every time we think an attack is about to happen so people can watch on their phones. Can you imagine millions of people watching live and egging on the buffalo to GO FOR IT? Totally awesome man."

No word yet as to when the first cameras will be fitted to the first bison horn. So far none of the interns can be talked into it.

Frankly, I like the idea. Imagine watching that woman get pants again, but this time from the bison point of view.

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