What do Yellowstone wolf packs do when they're bored? If a new video is any indication, the answer is to play with traffic cones.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is a frequent sharer of unique wildlife moments in Yellowstone National Park. When you lead tour groups through the park, you're gonna see a thing or two. Fortunately, they also captured video of what they witnessed.

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Based on their status, this wolf pup traffic cone moment came after the Wapiti Wolf Pack fed on a bison. The National Park Service had put out traffic cones to mark off the area. This is what transpired after that.

Yellowstone Wolf lists the Wapiti Wolf Pack as the second largest pack in the park with only Junction Butte being larger. There have been reports of lots of new wolf pups over the last year. These coming of age wolves seem determined to make traffic control difficult for the rangers.

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