It's not technically spring yet, but the Wapiti wolf pack in Yellowstone has been very active. A new webcam video shows that they circled bison near Old Faithful again.

Yellowstone National Park shared this webcam video of the Wapiti wolves in the Old Faithful area on Friday.

You can watch the unedited raw video of the Wapiti wolf pack here. It runs over an hour. You'll notice that the bison aren't super happy to have wolf company with a few encounters where they attempt to run the pack off.

Yellowstone Wolf provides some interesting backstory into the Wapiti Lake pack including this detail about a new litter of pups:

The pack denned in 2019 and produced two litters for a total of 9 pups. At the end of the year the pack was the largest in Yellowstone with 19 wolves.

The largest Yellowstone wolf pack keeps getting bigger. It would not be surprising if you don't see more appearances by the Wapiti Pack in the Old Faithful area in the next few weeks before the crowds begin to infiltrate the park.

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