The one thing I love about the internet is it can share something pointless with absolutely no context that makes me happy. This is an example of that. It's a squirrel wearing a cowboy hat who is rocking away in a little chair.

Let me say again thank you for being you, internet and providing this lighthearted squirrel moment.

There's actually a neat little backstory to this little guy as shared by the person who recorded the video:

I rescued this little squirrel when he was few days old and helped him to get healthy to release him. He refused to leave, so I got permit from Tennessee wildlife agency to keep him. I started to take pictures and videos to post on my social media. He got famous after I took him to the Tennessee football game and he was on TV and newspapers like US Today and Knoxville local newspapers.

The fact that this squirrel is in Tennessee explains a lot. Gotta love that a quick little wildlife moment can hopefully bring you a fast smile today.

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