Mark it on your calendars, Thursday night is officially bedtime stories with Dolly Parton night.

Dolly just announced that she will be kicking off "Good Night with Dolly" on April 2nd.

Dolly has long been a supporter of literacy for children, and this is one more way that she is stepping up to help out those in need.

Her Imagination Library helps promote literacy for children across the world by sending them free books in the mail.

To date, there are over 1.5 million children receiving books.

"Good Night with Dolly" will be a weekly Thursday night event where Dolly Parton will read Imagination Library books to children.

What a wonderful comfort for both kids and their parents in these uncertain times.

And as a side note...can I just mention that Dolly looks absolutely adorable in her jammies?

Not that I'm surprised, she can pull off any look.

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