Even if you’re not leaving the Cowboy State, though just traveling across it can be quite a ways, you may be glad you saw this reminder to scout out ATMS. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of year to get changed for everything.

This is a travel tip on Thrillist.com, who talked to someone from DealsPlus.com about that and other common fees that we can avoid. Maybe you’re locked into things like travel insurance. Thrillist called that, “The annoying box you forgot to check before clicking ‘book now’.” Maybe you already booked things like airfare, and car rental back in November, but at least this is one thing you can still take care of now.

About those who say, "I never carry cash," do they tip valets, bellhops, and Christmas party bartenders?  On trips, all kinds of things come up, and ATMs are just more necessary when out of town around the holidays.

In any city, it’s easier than ever to click up where to find a machine that’s in-network. If your bank is local, it will still likely have partners that don’t charge fees. Thrillist says, "Smart travelers check to see their in-network banks," that also don’t charge fees.

I never said, “Oh, I don’t carry cash.” I’m usually the guy saying, “I need to get cash more often.” Many of us have been to an airport bar where we whip out the card, and hear, “You’ll have to spend a minimum $20 to use that.” It’s annoying when you have just enough time before boarding for one $10 drink. And what do many of us say? Right, we say, “Make it a double.”

By the way, if you have AMEX, Uber is giving away free rides to 11 major airports through the holidays. Also, AirportParkingReservations.com can compare every lot around most any airport. Now that sounds like a really beautiful thing - for the next trip. 

Merry Christmas, and hope to see you safely back - with a little cash left.

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