When you're adventuring around Wyoming this summer, make sure you're ready for anything.

We've talked about the importance of bear spray and how you should always carry it with you when in bear country.

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There's no doubt it could be a life saver, but what else should you have to raise your safety level?

A definite must have is fully supplied First Aid Kit. This is one I found on Amazon that will attach to your pack, or even your belt. It has many tools that will definitely give you an added sense of comfort.

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Satellite Messengers - There are many different types to choose from, but they basically work the same.

Some are a little more advanced than others.

You have the full text versions, that will allow you to text back-n-forth with rescuers or family.

There are on button messengers that allow you to record messages and at the push of a button the message will be sent.

You can find these types of survival tools at stores like Rocky Mountain Discount Sports or REI.

Survival Messengers

A Solar Phone Charger is another way to add a level of safety to your trip. You're able to find these at fairly low cost, but obviously, the more you spend it may be a little better quality. This one I found on Amazon and it can be purchased for a little over $20, not a bad price to spend on keeping your phone charged up, may be a life saver.

Survival Chargers

The Backcountry SOS App is a simple to use app that will help you reach authorities in the event you're in danger and need help. As long as you have enough phone service to send out a text, the app can you the GPS in your phone to help locate you and send rescuers to you.

As long as you have sufficient charging on your phone, provided by the solar charger, you will be able to contact authorities in Natrona, Albany, Carbon, Park, Sweetwater and Teton counties in Wyoming.

Download the app today, so you'll be ready for your next adventure.

Backcountry SOS

It's always good to have a paper map of the area you're hiking or camping, just in case something happens to your electronics and need to rely on old school map reading.

survival map

Check out this video that gives you a little more detail about the satellite messengers available.

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