In a recent article from Vox, they compared each state's laws about sex education. Wyoming was different in a few ways. First Wyoming doesn’t have any requirement for schools to offer a way for parents to opt out their child from attending sex education. They also do not require the teaching about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. There is also not a requirement to teach abstinence only. The one consistency in Wyoming sex education law is the lack of requirements. And foremost, this study is not showing us what is actually taught in school.

Sex education has always been a controversial subject. Prior to World War I, sex education was purely biological in nature. After World War I and World War II, there was a need to educate people about sexually transmitted diseases. Some thought STDs were a moral issue, but others like in the medical community wanted the education for health reasons. Then in the late 80s and into the 90s AIDS became more and more prevalent. Television started airing ads for condoms. Now the controversy is in sexual identification and sexual orientation.

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