When you’ve had as many No. 1 singles as Zac Brown Band has — seven, to date — making music videos becomes an everyday thing. The group’s latest clip for ‘Keep Me in Mind’ seems almost effortless, though in a good way. The band shot the video live during a concert, but it comes packed with all of the genuine talent that makes ZBB so popular across the board.

The energized live video, which was shot at the easily recognizable Colorado venue Red Rocks, is charged with black and white backstage clips sandwiched between live shots of the guys performing their latest hit onstage in the hollowed-out rock arena.

Surprisingly, the Zac Brown Band decided to use the show audio, too, rather than muddle it with a boring studio recorded version. As expected, its pristine sound quality and spot-on vocals are set amidst gorgeous sunsets and excited crowd shots. Despite not physically being at the concert, you don’t miss out on the experience.

Watch the Zac Brown Band ‘Keep Me in Mind’ Video