Do you love trivia games?  Finding out random bits of information?

Here are five random facts to help you get through your day, or that you can use to impress your friends - or not...

1.  The "DC" in DC Comics originally stood for Detective Comics.  They dropped that . . . so the full name of their company is technically Detective Comics Comics.

2.  Redheads have less hair on their heads than other people.  The average redhead has 90,000 strands of hair . . . versus 110,000 strands for blonds and 140,000 strands for brunettes.  But red hair is THICKER than the other two.

3.  The day HEATH LEDGER died in 2008, "Heath Ledger" was the number one term searched on Google.  The number two most-searched term?  "Keith Ledger."

4.  If you switch to airplane mode before you charge your phone, it won't search for a signal . . . so it'll charge much faster.

5.  It's technically illegal to mispronounce the word "Arkansas" in Arkansas.  You probably won't get arrested for calling it Ar-kan-zis . . . but they won't be happy.

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