Do you love trivia games?  Finding out random bits of information?

Here are five random facts to help you get through your day, or that you can use to impress your friends - or not...

1.  18% of the members of Congress are women.  That's a lower percentage than the parliaments in dozens of countries . . . including Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

2.  Based on the oldest artifacts that have been discovered, sex toys were invented at least 20,000 years before the wheel.

3.  Three of the four highest-grossing film series of all times are based on British books:  "Harry Potter" is first, "James Bond" is second, and J.R.R. TOLKIEN'S Middle Earth books are fourth.  The Marvel Comics movies from America are third.

4.  In Chico, California, it's illegal to detonate a nuclear device in city limits.  If you're caught, it's a $500 fine.

5.  98% of the adoptions in Japan are families adopting ADULTS.  Families legally adopt around 90,000 men in their 20s and 30s every year to pass on their family names and businesses.

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